Wedderburn Gym Equipment

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Wedderburn Fitness Equipment

You can view our range of Wedderburn fitness equipment below.

This may include Wedderburn fitness equipment, Wedderburn cross fit equipment, Wedderburn group fitness equipment, Wedderburn boxing equipment and other Wedderburn fitness accessories.

Tanita Body Composition Analyser - Fitness Accessories

Tanita Body Composition Analyser

Calculates body fat ratio, muscle mass, total body water, bone mass, metabolic age and more.

Personal Dial Scale - Fitness Accessories

Personal Dial Scale

Model SE-762. New! Capacity: 150kg x 500g. Platform Size: 260mm x 280mm.

Digital Personal Scales with Height Rod - Fitness Accessories

Digital Personal Scales with Height Rod

Model TIWB-3000P. New! Dual display of weight and body mass index (BMI). Capacity: 200kg x 100g.

Personal Scales - Fitness Accessories

Personal Scales

Model TIBWB800P. Excellent condition. New! Capacity: 200kg x 100g.