Treadmill Saver®

Treadmill Saver® Helps Reduce Costs

The treadmill saver® helps reduce costs associated with: excessive energy consumption, expensive breakdowns, unintentional neglect, costly service calls, equipment failure, premature wear of parts, early replacement of the treadmill, and user injuries, as well as supporting the maximum return on your investment and increased member retention.

Treadmill SaversTreadmill Saver

How Does The Treadmill Saver® Work?

Utilizing an eco-smart lighted warning system the treadmill saver alerts when maintenance or repairs are needed. Much like a traffic light, the treadmill saver shines green, yellow and red to inform you when the treadmill needs various levels of attention.

Treadmill Saver

Treadmill Saver on Treadmills

With Treadmill Saver® You Can:

  • Reduce electrical costs by $1–$3 per day
  • Prevent equipment failure and reduce liability
  • Eliminate unnecessary breakdowns
  • Save money on service calls and costly repairs
  • 24/7 health status for all your treadmills
  • Colored light alerts signal potential issues
  • 150 hour service counter with ashing green alert
  • Eliminate unnecessary "out of order" signs

Each treadmill saver® installed can put $300–$600 in your pocket every year.1&2

Only $329 (ex GST)

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1. Based on a study of 500 treadmills that averaged 12 amps at 7 mph, running 8 hours a day, at a national average of 19¢ per kWh.
2. Based on a 4 year treadmill purchase cycle at a unit cost of $5,000.


Treadmill Saver "green" customer list grows across the globe here are just some of the customers.

24 Hour Fitness, TSI, Fitness First, PureGym, Nuffield, Bay Athletic Club, Spectrum Athletic Clubs, California Family Fitness, Blast Fitness, Equinox, Marriott Hotel Corporate, Penn State, Super Fitness, UFC Gyms, Crunch Fitness, World Gym, Gold's Gym, US Air Force, US Army, US Navy...