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Brand: Expresso
Category: Exercise Bikes And Spin Cycles
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A dynamite item that is offered cleaned and serviced in lovely condition.

The Expresso HD Upright Bike is an upright, stationary exercise bike designed to give you exactly what its name suggests a virtual reality cycling experience. This wonderful exercise bike offers the rider a one of a kind workout and is absolute proof that a realistic, challenging indoor cycling experience is indeed possible.

The fact that 5,000 clubs, universities, corporate facilities and more than 2 million users workout on the machine on a regular basis, is testament to the fact that the Espresso HD is a powerful motivator for all levels of exercisers, keeping members happily engaged, and maintaining their loyalty to any gym, or fitness related facility.



Dimensions:L 132 cm x W 61 cm x H 152 cm

  • Power: 100-220V AC 50/60 Hz
  • Adjustable Seat: 20 height positions, 7 horizontal positions, Interchangeable with any standard bike seat
  • Steering: Turn handlebars to steer while riding.
  • Resistance: 30 Gears, Automatically adjusts to the grade on the screen.
  • Connectivity: Wireless: WiFi 802.11n+, Wired: Gigabit LAN+
  • Road: 43 different tours from 1 to 20 miles, Adjustable Pacer, Group Rides, Ghost Riders, Challenges and Leaderboards.
  • Dragon Fit: 9 maps to play, 243 time and discipline combinations to master, Challenges and Leaderboards.
  • Equipped with a high-quality screen, customizable riding features, and lifelike steering, shifting, and resistance mechanisms.
  • Built on a platform designed by Glada, a world leader in gaming computers.
  • The bullet-proof base unit is manufactured to withstand the harshest of environments whilst at the same time delivering sensational graphics and enormous processing power.
  • Motion control handlebars steer and shift in the same way an outdoor bike does.


Refurbishment:Cleaned & Serviced

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