WaterRower M1 LoRise Rower (Monitor S4 USB)

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Brand: WaterRower
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Introducing the brilliant WaterRower.

WaterRower rowing machines have been manufactured with the utmost care and attention to detail for more than 25 years. WaterRower represents brilliant design which will look amazing in your home interior, at the workplace or in the fitness studio.

The WaterRower is not merely an eyecatcher but also a technical highlight. The rowing machine features a compact and straight-line structure which will fit very elegantly into all home interiors, due to a wonderful blend of design materials.

The water tank provides the user a visual, as well as an acoustic feedback during the workout. Resistance does not need to be adjusted manually but, as is typical with water, adapts to the user’s input. The WaterRower can be stood upright after use in one very convenient simple move.



Dimensions:223 cm x 56 cm x 53 cm
Max. User Weight:180
Features:In an upright position, the WaterRower occupies no more space than a chair. Its center of gravity lies at the water tank which enables you to lift it at the rail-end nearly effortlessly. In all positions, the water remains safely in the tank.During your work-out the seat glides silently on the rails, according to your rowing stroke. Eight ball bearing mounted rolls made of anti-abrasion polyurethane ensure perfect rolling on the rails. The seat is ergonomically cushioned, further providing comfort during use.

The foot board offers the highest level of flexibility when in an optimal rowing position. The ergonomic foot pads and straps are both individually adjustable, guaranteeing maximum comfort.

The extremely durable, rubber feet provide protection and skid resistance for all types of flooring. The performance monitor can further be connected to your PC and used with We-Row software.

The heart of the WaterRower is its water tank and ergonomic paddle design. The paddle enables maximum pull of water, resulting in an even, smooth and jerk free resistance. As is unique with water resistance, it is self-determined, meaning it precisely adjusts to the individual movement and strength input of the rower. Pulling slowly or gently results in little resistance, whereas an increase in strength or speed will intensify the resistance while constantly remaining fluid and smooth.

Advantages of water resistance: water is gentle and protects your joints – amount of strain can be precisely graded and is 100% self-determined – the pleasant rhythmic swish of water is soothing.



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